A Moment of Pleasure


A Moment of Pleasure

Fakta om bogen

Titel: A Moment of Pleasure

Udgivelsesdato: 21-08-2023

Sider: 56

Genre: Digte

Forlag: Forlaget Mellemgaard

Forfatter: Ellen Rasmussen

ISBN: 9788776083618

Format: Hæftet

There is a continuous and penetrating vein that binds all humans together. In this book, author Ellen Rasmussen tries to find this common thread through her poems. In her poems, you will encounter themes about love between mother and child, man, and woman, as well as the intricate threads that knot together and bind relationships.

Excerpt from the book
Longing for, light lashes across my back side, solar eruptions, when the heat, hurries to the center of my insides, inside my thighs is where you belong.
Magnetic fields, pulling me closer, to your polar, closer to the equator, oceans rumbling, repeatedly, clashing closer to infinity, moments freezing, like ice drops, during a solar eclipse; don’t look up, the light lashes will blind you, seeing you clearly, once your volcano erupts, and my tides pull back, the earthquakes begin, slowly our earth takes shape, creating new continents for life to begin.
Longing for, light lashes, across my backside.

Om forfatteren 
Ellen Rasmussen is a poet and academician with a degree in Science, Economics and Business Administration, whose stories on love, human relationships, and the complexity of human behavior has her debut as a writer in her collection of poems A Moment of Pleasure published by publishing house Mellemgaard.