Beyond words


Beyond words

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Titel: Beyond words

Undertitel: Calligraphy from the World of Islam

Udgivelsesdato: 24-05-2024

Sider: 336

Genre: Kunst, design og arkitektur

Forlag: Strandberg Publishing

Forfatter: Joachim Meyer, Peter Wandel, & Rasmus Olsen

Oversat fra: dansk

Indbundet bog9788794418034

Calligraphy means ‘the art of writing beautifully’. Driven by its use in the Koran, artfully executed Arabic script became a key religious and political marker at a very early stage; since then calligraphy has played a central role in the Islamic world. In addition to appearing on paper, artful writing can be found on everything, from coins, weapons, dishes, lamps and textiles to the façades and interiors of buildings. The many types of texts offer rich and varied insights into Islamic art, culture and societies. Beyond Words presents 128 objects featuring calligraphy, most notably from The David Collection. In addition, the book contains articles on such subjects as the Arabic alphabet, classical scripts, the calligraphers and the different types of texts. The publication also explores the use of Arabic lettering in earlier European art and in modern-day Arabic graffiti.