Christmas Eve’s Cookbook


Christmas Eve’s Cookbook

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Titel: Christmas Eve’s Cookbook

Udgivelsesdato: 15-12-2022

Sider: 101

Genre: Mad og drikke

Forlag: SAXO Publish

Forfatter: Eve Sangster

Oversat fra: ukendt

Ebog (ePub)9788740474480

I discovered family and a home at a much later age than most, but what my start in life did provide was the wonderful discovery of food. Food was “life” and “joy” in one, and as I grew older my love for food grew. I graduated from catering school at the age of 21 after being awarded a fully funded scholarship in Switzerland working in a Michelin Star Restaurant near Montreux. I later worked in Germany, Canada, the UK and Denmark.Over the years I learned that food can be an important part of the way people interact and connect, from a simple cake to a four course meal. Some friends and family cook together, others prefer the feeling of entertaining their guests. Making food, or being involved in kids food activities at Christmas time can have very special meaning and create a powerful atmosphere of togetherness. When Covid-19 hit everyone was unable to get to their loved ones for Christmas. Our expat community was hit hard, and I dedicate this book to all expats, globally, who cannot be with their loved ones this Christmas time. May your Christmas be full of love, your tummy full of delights and your heart always feel at home.Merry Christmas