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Undertitel: 5 shortcuts to ambitious results and a life you won´t regret

Udgivelsesdato: 17-02-2024

Sider: 278

Genre: Erhverv

Forlag: EMPOWER PEOPLE Publishing

Forfatter: Rie Dalsgaard

ISBN: 9788771967265

Format: Paperback

In HUMAN LEADERSHIP – 5 shortcuts to ambitious results and a life you won’t regret, you’ll find insights and tools to facilitate development, so that both you and your employees will thrive and succeed on a new level. You’ll also learn to avoid the 5 detours that most often prevent leaders from realizing their potential – non-leadership, the hamster wheel, role playing, the illusion of time, and the buzzkill. Instead of taking the detours that delay ambitious results, you can choose the 5 shortcuts – understand leadership and people, make a wholehearted decision, be a voice, be a role model, and make a positive impact – and achieve your goals faster. In the book, you’ll meet Managing Director Henrik Bodskov (IBM Denmark), Nordic Director Jens Andersen (Ascom), Partner Henrik Wellejus (Deloitte), and former CEO Stine Bosse (Tryg), all of whom believe in human potential and are aware of how great a role their own leadership behavior plays in relation to employees’ well-being and success. CHRO Ulf Hahnemann (A.P. Møller-Mærsk) has written the foreword.