Polyfemos. Festschrift in Honour of Christian Høgel.


Polyfemos. Festschrift in Honour of Christian Høgel.

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Titel: Polyfemos. Festschrift in Honour of Christian Høgel.

Udgivelsesdato: 26-01-2024

Sider: 128

Genre: Romaner og noveller

Forlag: Forlaget Atalante

Forfatter: Lærke Andersen, Jonas J. H. Christensen, Rasmus Vangshardt

ISBN: 9788797135372

Format: Indbundet

With this collection of essays, we wish to pay our small homage to Christian Høgel’s academic ability and human qualities on the event of his sixtieth birthday, 5 February 2024. We present five papers detailing our current work, Christian Høgel’s influence on our scholarly pursuits—and a couple of anecdotes.

Christian Høgel (born 1964) is a man of many trades: A master of several modern and ancient languages; author of the acclaimed Symeon Metaphrastes: Rewriting
and Canonization (2002); co-founder of the Centre for Medieval Literature, University of Southern Denmark; professor of
Greek and Latin at Lund University, Sweden.



Lærke Andersen:
Hvem kvæler hvem?

Jonas J. H. Christensen:
Hvad er op og ned i ikonoklasmen? Prolegomena til et forsøg
på formidling

Chiara D’Agostini:
Constructing Maps: On Three Geographical Illustrations
in a 13th-Century Byzantine Manuscript

Christian Etheridge:
A Medieval Manuscript from Constantinople in the Collection
of the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm

Rasmus Vangshardt:
Fromme udskejelser? Thomas Manns muntre middelalderismer