Practical Trouble Shooting


Practical Trouble Shooting

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Titel: Practical Trouble Shooting

Undertitel: Tablet Manufacturing

Udgivelsesdato: 21-04-2022

Sider: 56

Genre: Naturvidenskab, matematik og IT

Forlag: SAXO Publish

Forfatter: Dorna Sheikhi

Oversat fra: ukendt


Time is a critical factor in sorting out problems practically. Regarding the quality system as deviations, complaints, and CAPAs, the author had to look up many different sources to find possible answers. Understanding the incident and seeing the issue is crucial in sorting it out and is half of the way. Following the problem diagnosis, the book will guide the user to the possible cause (s). Reaching out to the possible causes, the reader can find the one that fits more to the specified case and see the suggested solution. The author designed the book as simple as possible and preferred avoiding formal reading texts to prevent losing track in sorting the issue. Since the author prepared the present document for many levels’ audience, it is suitable for understanding and uses from technician operators to drug formulation designers.