Sentence Analysis Simplified


Sentence Analysis Simplified

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Titel: Sentence Analysis Simplified

Undertitel: A Four-Week Self-Study for University & College Students

Udgivelsesdato: 01-05-2024

Sider: 93

Genre: Skole- og lærebøger

Forlag: SAXO Publish

Forfatter: Zahra Zare

Oversat fra: ukendt


Review of the book by Kim Ebensgaard Jensen, Associate Professor of English Linguistics, University of Copenhagen ‘’Zahra Zare’s Sentence Analysis Simplified introduces the reader to sentence analysis in a way that makes the otherwise complex and sometimes even intimidating field of English syntax seem simple and easy. Written in a straightforward style and teeming with hands-on exercises, the book is engaging and encourages readers to initiate their own active learning experiences. The book covers basic but important categories within not just English syntax, but English grammar as such – including, for instance, pronoun types, valency patterns, and finiteness – in an accessible way that is bound to avoid the sense of intimidating mystification that novices often feel when they are first introduced to English grammar. The simplicity and accessibility of the book is likely make readers realize that sentence analysis does not have to be overly difficult and that it can even be fun. Zare’s book is a great resource for students at upper secondary level and college level who are interested in learning about the basics of sentence analysis’’.