The Communications Advisor


The Communications Advisor

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Titel: The Communications Advisor

Undertitel: A theoretical perspective and a practical perspective

Udgivelsesdato: 14-11-2022

Sider: 460

Genre: Skole- og lærebøger

Forlag: Samfundslitteratur

Forfatter: Gitte Gravengaard, Kristian Eiberg, & Anders Monrad Rendtorff

Oversat fra: engelsk

Hæftet bog9788759340028

In a world where the pace of change is accelerating and the level of complexity is increasing, effective communication becomes more and more important for both organisations and CEOs. Therefore, the role of the trusted communications advisor to the CEO has never been more business-critical. However, there is only limited research-based knowledge on the professional practice of the trusted communications advisor and her relationship and collaboration with the CEO. In this research-based business book, we draw on research – both our own and others’ – as our point of departure for describing the role and practice of the trusted communications advisor. And we combine this with extensive practical experience within the communications profession. Consequently, this book is relevant for both professional communications advisors as well as communications students and teachers engaged in strategic organisational communication, management communication, and the role and practice of the communications advisor. The Communications Advisor falls into two parts: A theoretical perspective outlines the theoretical foundation for the book and our research project and A practical perspective provides input on how to work strategically on becoming a trusted communications advisor to the CEO in practice.