The Heart of the Phoenix


The Heart of the Phoenix

Fakta om bogen

Titel: The Heart of the Phoenix

Udgivelsesdato: 15-03-2023

Sider: 470

Genre: Krimi og spænding

Forlag: Mellemgaard

Forfatter: Christina Ramskov

Oversat af: Line Nørgaard Fallesen

Hæftet bog9788775759590

What would you do if all the mystical creatures, you have ever heard of, turned out to be real? Maria finds herself in the surreal situation, that all she has ever heard was fiction, truly exists. When she coincidentally puts on the Heart of the Phoenix, a magical jewel that holds humongous power, her entire life is turned upside down. Furthermore, the jewel turns out to be highly important to the magical world, which Maria is suddenly a part of. Follow Maria as she starts her new life at Manatecus, a school where everyone appears human but can turns into werewolves, dragons, yukionna, and many other magical creatures. She is starting off as an ordinary girl, but is now a piece in an important puzzle. How will she balance her own life, as well as the balance of the magical world? Can she manage? One thing is for sure, it’s going to be an adventure. Excerpt from the book “Give me the Heart of the Phoenix, right now, and maybe I’ll refrain from killing you,” the woman said, and in the next second Maria was lifted into the air. Maria stared down at her legs and saw that something resembling the tale of a snake curled around them. Then, she looked over at the woman but instead of seeing the former beautiful, young woman, she found a horrific creature made of half human and half snake. The entirety of the woman’s lower half was one humongous, green snake tale. The woman lifted her human torso until she came face to face with Maria. About the author Christina Ramskov was born in 1989, she lives in Hjallerup in North Jutland, Denmark. Christina has always wanted to become an author but held herself back for many years because she is dyslexic. But now she is ready to show everyone that you can do what you want.