The making of Viking-age Ribe


The making of Viking-age Ribe

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Titel: The making of Viking-age Ribe

Undertitel: Northern Emporium Vol. 1

Udgivelsesdato: 23-02-2023

Sider: 423

Genre: Historie, kultur, religion og filosofi

Forlag: Aarhus Universitetsforlag

Forfatter: Søren M. Sindbæk

Oversat fra: engelsk

Ebog (pdf)9788793423763
Indbundet bog9788793423824

This is the second and final volume presenting the results of the Northern Emporium research project and the high-definition excavations carried out within this programme in 2017-18 in Ribe. The 22 chapters survey the remarkable range of finds retrieved from this hub of the North Sea world in the eighth and ninth centuries AD: artefacts made from pottery, stone, shell, glass, metals, amber, leather, wood, textile, bone and antler. They offer detailed insights that highlight discoveries such as the assemblages from glass bead or comb-making workshops, and rare finds such as wooden furnishings and musical instruments. The focus of the book is on assembling Ribe’s early urban network. By analysing finds and their context, we develop a picture of social roles and interactions between residents and visitors in the emporium. And we follow the connections they created with other worlds as we trace the flows of glass vessels, pottery and wine barrels from Western Europe; iron, stone and animal products from North and Central Scandinavia and beads and coins that travelled from the Middle East and the Indian Ocean into northern Europe’s new maritime frontier.