The story is about a tin soldier, who from his very birth turns out to be “not like everyone else” all tin soldiers are on two legs, but this one is one-legged and at the same time, of course, the most steadfast of all.
Our soldier falls in love with a paper ballerina, but the forces of evil are going to prevent this high, beautiful love. 
The illustrations in this book will instantly immerse the children in the world of a fairy tale and will carry them along on a journey on a paper boat with the steadfast tin soldier. 
Collection: My First TalesIllustrated by Gaëlle VejlupekRetold by Clara Wedersøe Strunge
“My first tales” is a collection of H. C. Andersen’s world-famous fairy tales that have been gently retold for our young readers. Each book from this collection is illustrated by an award-winning artist.
Hans Christian Andersen Copenhagen has carefully selected artists for each individual fairy tale, in order to convey the mood of the tale as well as to create magical and memorable characters.
Each book from the “My first tales” collection contains an interesting story about the life of H. C. Andersen and is accompanied by a short interview with an illustrator.

Fakta om bogen
Titel: The Steadfast Tin Soldier
Forfatter: Hans Christian Andersen, Clara Wedersøe Strunge
Serie: My first tales
Illustrator: Gaëlle Vejlupek
Sider: 48
Omslag: Indbundet
Forlag: Hans Christian Andersen Copenhagen