The Wadden Sea


The Wadden Sea

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Titel: The Wadden Sea

Udgivelsesdato: 24-03-2022

Sider: 480

Genre: Natur og husdyr

Forlag: Gyldendal

Forfatter: John Frederiksen

Oversat af: Lotte Follin & John Irons

Oversat fra: engelsk

Indbundet bog9788702352214

This book on the Danish, German and Dutch Wadden Sea coast surveys the intimate interaction between the dynamic nature and the coastal people. Throughout millennia, fenland farmers, island mariners and tradespeople in coastal towns have lived withpredictable tides and treacherous storms. Sometimes winning, sometimes losing. Living thus, with their destinies determined by the sea, has forged a fellowship, a unique coastal culture across national frontiers. Future climate changes will, however, threaten both this fellowship and the Wadden Sea itself.The Wadden Sea has the world’s most expansive tidal flats and therefore vital for millions of migratory birds. Today the Wadden Sea is inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list of irreplaceable world natural assets.THE WADDEN SEA – nature and cultural heritage written by experts from all three countries, is broadly accessible and richlyillustrated. The book addresses both readers with a professional interest and all those wishing to learn more about theremarkable and fascinating world.