That rare case when the tale by the great H.C. Andersen has ahappy ending. The Wild Swans considered being one of Andersen’s most touching tales. 
This is a tale about love and hate, loyalty, and betrayal, hope and utter despair. 
Nothing can weaken the love of the young princess and the brothers.The stepmother hates her husband’s children for no reason, and to punish them she takes the voice from the princess and transforms the boys into swans.
This tale teaches that love, devotion, and faith can work wonders and overcome any evil. 
Collection: My First TalesIllustrated by Francesca Dafne VignagaRetold by Clara Wedersøe Strunge
“My first tales” is a collection of H. C. Andersen’s world-famous fairy tales that have been gently retold for our young readers. Each book from this collection is illustrated by an award-winning artist.Hans Christian Andersen Copenhagen has carefully selected artists for each individual fairy tale, in order to convey the mood of the tale as well as to create magical and memorable characters.Each book from the “My first tales” collection contains an interesting story about the life of H. C. Andersen and is accompanied by a short interview with an illustrator.

Fakta om bogen
Titel: The Wild Svans
Forfatter: Hans Christian Andersen, Clara Wedersøe Strunge
Serie: My first tales
Illustrator: Francesca Dafne Vignaga
Sider: 48
Omslag: Indbundet
Forlag: Hans Christian Andersen Copenhagen