Universal Moments


Universal Moments

Fakta om bogen

Titel: Universal Moments

Udgivelsesdato: 18-12-2023

Sider: 36

Genre: Digte

Forlag: Forlaget Mellemgaard

Forfatter: Jan-Inge Wijk

ISBN: 9788776086008

Format: Hæftet

A World of Moments
”Jan-Inge Wijk’s performance was an hour-long interlacing work of words and music, that were recited or sung. The pieces appeared for the listener as a poetic world of images with a clear, connected inner context. The texts are about love and evil, death and creation, but their effect rested to a high degree on intonation and language sounds. Despite the heavy, solemn title, Wijk’s work has become a lyrical world of ideas, where the philosophical expression combined with a good portion of humour gave the audience a pleasurable and good experience.”
– Ole Lauritzen

“As a whole it is undoubtedly a profound work. The music creates meanings when it collides with the texts, and the whole unfolds like a picture in time of man in individual glimpses, seen from the mythical god-perspective represented by the singers. Not only was it a stylish performance both on the dramatic and musical level. Here food for thought was also found.”
– Review of Palimpsest in Fyens Stiftstidende 

Excerpt from the book

Princess, oh! Princess!
Flower, young beast,
and evening breeze!
The crimson turning sun bleeds
on the dew among the
shining grass,
burning angels in the air above me
spinning threads of fire through the web of winding capillaries
from my heart to fingertips.
Grass bleeding,
winds sighing,
waving trees with
shimmering leaves …

About the author
Jan-Inge Wijk was born in Malmö, Sweden. Studied Latin and French at the University of Lund and guitar at The Royal Musical Academy, Copenhagen. Associate Professor emeritus from The Funen Conservatory of Music.
Composer. Capricorn. Vegetarian.