Værker – Ny dansk bygningskunst


Værker – Ny dansk bygningskunst

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Titel: Værker – Ny dansk bygningskunst

Udgivelsesdato: 18-08-2023

Sider: 168

Genre: Arkitektur og design

Forlag: Danish Architectural Press

Forfatter: Line Nørskov Davenport

ISBN: 9788774071365

Format: Hæftet

New Danish Architecture explores a paradigm shift in architecture, transitioning from abstract design to the artistry of construction and materials. Drawing inspiration from the 2023 exhibition ‘SUPER DANISH – Art and Craftsmanship in New Danish Architecture’ at the Utzon Center, Aalborg, it delves into the innovative works of Danish architects who embrace resource-conscious practices. From detailed precision to elegantly weathered creations, these architects showcase a merger of sculptural form and material poetry. Explore the synergy of ethics and aesthetics, the interplay of beauty and sustainability, and the reimagining of architectural durability.

Contributing architects / offices: Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter, Jonathan Houser, Panum & Kappel, Pihlmann Architects, Rex Skov Arkitekter, Lynge Lynge Arkitekter, Reværk, Verna, Hahn Lavsens, Hald & Ravnborg, Peter Kjær Arkitekter, Jespersen Nødtvedt, Noaa, Office Kim Lenschow